Waste Pipes – Featured Band On 365 Radio Network

Waste Pipes – Featured Band On 365 Radio Network

Waste Pipes

All about rock n’roll music: from Led Zeppelin to The Killers, from Queen to The Cult, from AC/DC to Linkin Park. Blues and funky roots.

Waste Pipes was born in april 2003 behind the High School desks in Rivoli (near Turin, Italy) with the meeting of 5 funny guys that want to shake some asses in the name of rock n’roll…
At the end of the year they begin to play in some pubs and bars near Turin and they record the first demo: ‘Work In Progress’ with the power-explicit song ‘Erection’.

In november 2004 they release their second album called ‘Begin To Grow’ and the band start too play it in various places and in June 2005 they rock in Montelimar (France) as headliner of a music festival.
In summer Waste Pipes were ready to show their third work…’Let Blood Boil’, a mix of raw 70’s hard rock, melodies and bluesly attitude.
In February they came back a new EP “Make A Move”, produced with Madaski (Africa Unite), Claudio Accatino, Mauro Tavella (Linea 77) and Valerio Giambelli (Statuto).
The product is an hard rock n’roll stuff mixed with new influences and a little bit of electronics…

During these thirteen years of activity the band brought its music, an old school rock’n’roll with many influences (blues, indie, dance), in Italy and Europe.
Waste Pipes played as opening act for: Elio E Le Storie Tese, D-A-D, Meganoidi, Perturbazione, Thunder Express (ex The Hellacopters), Adam Bomb, Bobby Solo, Francesco C, Octopus and Fabio Treves Blues Band.

With three CDs of original songs at its credit (the second and the third ones made under the supervision of Valerio Giambelli, guitar player in the famous band Statuto), Waste Pipes is one of the long-running bands in the Turin underground scene.

In 2013 the band celebrates its 10th anniversary still with the original line-up, releasing a single called “For All The Time We Waste”.

After a long stop, in 2015 the guys worked on new songs that will be featured in the new album “Fake Mistake” out on February 27th, 2016.
This step brings the band to a new horizon, the songs are complex, the sound is melodic and aggressive at the same time, the lyrics are strong and straightforward.

Anyhow, the band gives its best on stage. They played more than 500 gigs in Italy and Europe and now that the album is over they just want to increase this number.

Chris: vox
Kina: guitar
Guarro: guitar
Lava: bass
Boe: drums


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