The Gravity Guild – Featured Band On 365 Radio Network

The Gravity Guild – Featured Band On 365 Radio Network

The Gravity Guild

The Gravity Guild is a Rock / Alternative Metal band from Los Angeles/hollywood founded in 2003 by Jay Way and Colin Simson and influenced by Soundgarden, Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Sevendust, Tool.

Guitarist Jay Way moved out to Los Angeles in 2000 to pursue music and subsequently found Colin Simson through an online ad. The two started playing and writing songs, quickly realizing that they had the same taste in music and had a great creative connection.
Jay is a recording instructor at Musician’s Institute, a school for music and engineering in Los Angeles, CA. There he met a drummer who helped hone the sound that would later become The Gravity Guild. After auditioning several vocalists, the two were impressed by Simson who showed up with original material for each of their instrumental tracks. Thus, The Gravity Guild was born. Shortly thereafter, Way and Simson met Abel Vallejo, drummer extraordinaire, who embodied everything that the band stood for and wanted in terms of heavy hitting and intelligent musical reactions to the riff-based sound.

The Gravity Guild blends a mixture of classic progressive rock styles with modern progressive metal all wrapped up with a thick cocoon of 90’s grunge. Progressive grunge? Perhaps, but it’s more refined than that… Think Dream Theater and Rush meet Alice in Chains, Tool and Soundgarden.

Erasing the past and taking ultimate control of their own songs, production and image, The Gravity Guild has released a new album entitled “I” – an album they consider to be a rebirth.
In a bold step, The Gravity Guild re-tracked their entire debut album, reimagining the direction of the band and executing most of the production at Inside Studios, which is owned and operated by the band.

“This allowed for a great amount of freedom to make sure things were done the way we wanted,” said guitarist Jay Way who also engineered and mixed the album.

The unlikely idea for “I” came about during the process of recording “The Great Divide”– a follow up EP that will be released in 2013. While preparing for the studio the band discovered that their songs and their vision had evolved. Consequently they decided to track both albums simultaneously.

What resulted was a crushing album that breaks boundaries while paying tribute to 70’s rock, 90’s grunge, and modern rock. The Gravity Guild’s “I” swaggers with innovative guitar sounds and powerful riffs melded with heavy hitting drums and monster bass lines that carve out canyon-sized grooves over odd-meters. Melodic hooks laced with tight harmonies and evocative lyrics bring all of these elements together in this impressive full-length album. The band stands firmly behind every track on “I” insisting that there is no filler, just powerful, memorable rock tunes.

The Gravity Guild tours constantly, creating as many opportunities as possible to earn new enthusiastic fans through stellar live performances. The band has also enhanced their online presence creating a strong and loyal following. They are hungry to promote “I” and submit the album for placements, reviews and airplay. With an EP ready for release this year, a hand full of killer singles, videos, and merchandise coming soon, The Gravity Guild is ready to sink its teeth into every opportunity it can hunt down.

The power of gravity affects us all…
It’s no coincidence that The Gravity Guild has pulled you in too.

Jay Way – Guitar, Vox
Colin Simson – Vox, Guitar, Percussion
Abel Vallejo – Drums
Mark Rosales : Bass

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