Sasser – Featured Band On 365 Radio Network

Sasser – Featured Band On 365 Radio Network


Sasser is the musical reincarnation of Glenn Sasser, the former lead guitarist and songwriter for Mississippi rock band, Small Room 9. When Glenn left Small Room 9 in March of 2012, he found himself at a crossroads – should he begin again as a musician and songwriter, or give up completely? He chose to begin writing immediately.

By 2013, new songs were in the works. Glenn had a day job working on a pipeline project in North Dakota, which afforded him some downtime, spent mostly in empty hotel rooms. He put this solitude to good use, and began honing his songwriting craft, all the while concentrating on creating catchy hooks. The end result of his soul searching is ‘On My Way’, Sasser’s debut, a feel-good album, recorded with the help of Mark Black at Black Magic Studios. The band’s sound can be best described as a happy marriage between Tonic-esque alternative rock and Brendan Benson-style power pop, although one of the tracks, ‘Pretty Little Rich Girl’, is certainly not devoid of their country roots.

Along with Glenn, Sasser was made up of former Small Room 9 drummer, Joseph “Fluff” Kinkead, together with second guitarist, Army Veteran Paul English, and Drew Parker on bass.

In 2015, Sasser played sixty show dates throughout the Southeast. The song, ‘This Scene’, from their latest album was featured in the independent film ‘The Goblin King’, written/directed by Michelle Rodriguez. Glenn also had a cameo in the movie ‘The Hollow’.

The band is gearing up for 2017 with a brand new album and another summer tour.

Current Members:
Glenn Sasser – guitars/lead vocal
Joseph Fluff Kinkead – drums/backing vocal
Drew Parker – bass/backing vocals
Allen Stroo – guitars

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