Membership Terms Of Service Agreement

** Please Read Our Membership Agreement Before Purchasing A Membership To Expand Your Support Across The Hensley Media Group LLC 21 Stations. **

Please Read:

As of November 1st 2016 all current and future bands being supported will be supported only on The 365 Radio Network LLC Station for free of charge.

To widen your support or keep the level of support as you may currently have received it over the past 5 years, as of November 1st 2016 if your wishing to be placed on another very popular 17 stations (Rock 365 Radio, Indie 365 Radio, Metal 365 Radio, Xtreme 365 Radio, Elite 365 Radio, Ultimate 365 Radio, Full Impact Radio, Highway Rock Radio, Midwest Broadcasting Group station, Iron Waves Radio, Rockers Underground, Rock Invasion Radio, Unsigned Headquarters, 937 Dayton Radio, 513 Cincinnati Radio, 614 Columbus Radio, and 216 Cleveland Radio) for the maximum airplay support possible and notifications on Twitter for all songs airplayed it will require you purchase a very affordable membership.

Memberships with the Hensley Media Group LLC will allow us to set your music up on all our network member station servers, and ensure all songs airplayed on our network stations are tweeted out to our network members stations Twitter timelines. All tweets will also include notifications as well to all members Twitter timelines so your aware of when your songs are supported. This feature of providing tweets to your bands or artists timelines when songs are airplayed are possible as long as Twitter is not experiencing any technical problems or changes in their procedures beyond our control. We are not to be held responsible for Twitter issues or problems that would keep us from providing this feature.

Memberships entitles you as a member to be airplayed on 18 network stations with possible options to be added to 3 more stations (WNDY Radio, Premium 365 Radio, and Eagle Eye Radio).

Membership does not guarantee a specific number of airplays per month, and will be supported equally and fairly amongst all other airplay supported bands with memberships and to licensing standards.

Membership once obtained with the Hensley Media Group LLC is not transferable/refundable, or allowed to join another business membership account already established with our company to avoid membership renewal fees. This policy is firm and will not be changed. Once a established member with our network its necessary to maintain your level of support and membership with us not join another established membership. This applies to even labels/promoters ect. who may want to support you and remove you from being supported by us. The reasons for this decision are to ensure we maintain the most affordable pricing possible, and no band, artist, or company may deviate from there initial membership and join another to avoid membership costs. Please do not ask or complain about this policy it will not be negotiated.

Membership will dramatically increase your airplay support and awareness among social media for our affordable membership fees.

All music submitted must be accepted thru the submissions process and membership does not entitle all music to be airplayed. Music must meet our high standards and be radio friendly.

Many of bands over the years since 2011 have said and testified that we have provided the best and most comprehensive all around support of indie artists available today.

Do not make a payment for membership if you have not submitted your music first for airplay support consideration, and have been contacted by our submissions team via email that your songs have been accepted for airplay support.

Once you are notified that your music will be supported on the 365 Radio Network LLC station you can at that time consider to widen your airplay support with a membership package.

For those who try to make a payment before you submit your music for consideration or recieve our submissions support notification your membership will be placed on hold till we track down your email address and send out a letter stating you must send in your music for airplay support consideration. If your music you submit is accepted you will be taken off hold and put into membership status. If your music is not accepted and does not meet our high standards or is not radio friendly, you may submit more music in the future to be considered during your purchased membership time frame. No refunds will be given to those who do not follow our policy and attempt to by pass the process wasting our time in tracking down your music or finding out who you are. Please follow the directions and PLEASE do not waste our teams valuable time.

For bands already receiving support on our network stations and wishing to upgrade to a membership package you may make your membership package choice and payment below.

We will at that time insure you are indeed a supported band on our network, and if so will add your membership status within 24 hours from purchasing your membership on 18 stations, with delays on holidays or weekends naturally.

If a payment is made and its not in the bands name wishing membership we suggest putting the bands name in the message box so we may process your membership much faster.

Memberships are AVAILABLE to businesses such as labels, promoters, management, submission companies ect who support many bands/artists, but you must inquire on our business membership pricing. Business Memberships now allows you to add many bands from your business with yearly memberships with greater savings. Depending on the amount of bands you wish to purchase yearly memberships for you may save a additional 30 percent to 45 percent off per band price for yearly memberships. Inquiries may be sent to with details on how many bands you wish to add and the discount and savings that you will may receive.