Malacoda – Featured Band On 365 Radio Network

Malacoda – Featured Band On 365 Radio Network


Unified by creative passion and the insatiable desire that curses all artists to express themselves with the full extent of their artistic vision, this collective of dark melodic metal from North America aims to show the world they are more than your average metal band.

Malacoda is comprised of veteran musicians from various creative backgrounds.
This combination creates music with overwhelming visionary prowess and character.

“Originally Malacoda was a solo project I started, it was more alternative metal sounding. A lineup change later and our new ep is more akin to symphonic/power metal.
I would say we are definitely gothic inspired, everybody tells me different things- we sound different to everyone in the band too.
A lot of people compare us to King Diamond, which I find funny because we’ve never considered him an influence. My personal influences are Type O Negative, Iced Earth, Katatonia and lots more.”

Guitar / Brad Casarin
Drums / Mike Harshaw
Vocals / Lucas Di Mascio
Bass / Cooper Seldon

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