Mako DC – Featured Band On 365 Radio Network

Mako DC- Featured Band On 365 Radio Network


Declan O’Shea and Christian Montagne are the brains behind the Irish/French Rock group MAKO. Now Mako DC.

Before launching MAKO the two were members of the beloved acclaimed band Cyclefly. In Cyclefly they toured Ireland, the U.K, Europe and the U.S.A extensively sharing the stage with bands such as Bush, Live, Iggy pop, Linkin Park etc….. after the end of Cyclefly they regrouped and form MAKO. The new group quickly grabbed the attention of fans and critics alike, even earning recognition from The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences who placed Mako on the Official Ballot for the 2011 Grammy Awards in four separate categories for their debut album
“Living On Air”

World Set Alight also made the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences ballot short list for 2015.

MAKO DC retains the edgy alt-rock sound that gathered so many fans for Cyclefly, yet it has a mellow maturity reflecting pair’s growth as songwriters and as musicians. The kind of development and maturity that only comes from experience, raw talent and hard work. All of these traits are on full display in their glory on the brand new

Akademia Award winning single “World Set Alight” is out now. The single is taken out of the forthcoming second studio album “Timeless” to come out early 2017.

“World Set Alight” was written by Christian Montagne & Declan O’ Shea.
Produced by Ciaran O’ Shea and mixed by mix legend Tim Palmer

Vocals: Declan O’ Shea, Kerian O’ Neill
Bass: Christian Montagne
Guitars: Ciaran O’ Shea, Christian montagne
Drums: Ciaran O’ Shea, Christian Montagne
Programing/Synths: Ciaran O’ Shea

Were currently finishing mixes on the new album and will be releasing more music shortly, with info on shows, release dates etc.

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