HMS Keelhaul – Featured Band On 365 Radio Network

HMS Keelhaul – Featured Band On 365 Radio Network

HMS Keelhaul

Hms Keelhaul formed in early 2013 under questionable circumstances. The members have known each others for a long time due to playing in another bands.
This Crew was formed when Maake,Poncco and Faabio were struggling to find a singer and a capaple chiefmate for wielding the sticks and keeping this Ship on its course.

So in somewhere early 2013 it was time to set HMS Keelhaul to sail and boy its been a blast ever since!!

“A lot of people want to know what the band’s name stands for, so here it is. HMS Keelhaul is a ship, operated by its devoted crew members, Maake, Tomi, Poncco, Faabio and Kimmo. The prefix “HMS” doesn’t mean “His/Her Majesty’s Ship”, more like Heavy Metal Ship and the name is Keelhaul, which came from an old punishment/execution method where the unfortunate sailor was dragged under the ship’s keel. There were very little chances to survive that. We wanted to have a nautical theme from the start because the pirates and stories from the sea have always been interesting to us and I had couple of ocean-themed songs already written, so as always when we do something, there is a big chance that things get out of hand like they did, in a good way of course. We don’t necessarily consider ourselves as pirates, maybe more like independent seafarers, as we want to bring hope to people with our music, like a returning ship did long time ago. The anchor is a symbol of hope also and I wanted to use that in our logo, so I added the G clef to it, and our logo was created. It’s called “Anchord” like our debut album.
Our mission is to grow our fleet and spread our music far and wide! Yes, we have most of the songs written already for the second album, luckily I have a lot of material to work with and you can hear also Tomi’s and Poncco’s music on the next album.” says Markus “Maake”

Tomi is packed with attitude and confidence to lead this ship throughout the greatest storms and calmest waters.
Wide and flexible vocal range with captain’s charisma!
Influences : DIO, Sebastian Bach

Equipped with fast fingers and versatile fretboard skills, Maake delivers most of the Band’s solos.
Influences : Paul Gilbert ,John Petrucci

Wields his guitar like a pirate wields he’s sword while he does most of the backing vocals.
Influences : Zakk Wylde, James Hetfield

Scarred sailor, who keeps the hull intact througout every song.
Influences : Nikki Sixx, John Levine

The most experienced sailor of HMS Keelhaul keeps the ship in course as he plays the march of triumph.
Influences : Bob Jarzombek, Neil Peart

Tomi Kurtti – Vocals
Markus Lukkarila (Maake) – Guitars/Back Vocals
Tuomas Puhakka (Poncco) – – Guitars/Back Vocals
Janne Korpi (Faabio) – Bass
Kimmo Korva – Drums –

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