Gaelbah – Featured Band On 365 Radio Network

Gaelbah – Featured Band On 365 Radio Network


Gaelbah was formed in 2003 by brothers Orlando and Jose Maria Bando who will be joined soon after by Fran D. Antunez (bass), Alejandro Hernan Dario (vocals) and Diego Fernandez (drums).

Gaelbah music is characterized by a strong melodic hard rock and lyrics that have both personal stories and historical.

The band will give several concerts with this lineup, touring the provinces of Huelva, Seville and Cadiz, Spain.

Noteworthy performances noticed by several magazines Rock Hard (Mariano Muniesa) and Heavy Rock (Mariskal Romero) which leads them to appear in radio programs like Rockstar (top 40) and Mariskal Rosemary Show (Mariskal Radio) and in magazines like Kerrang, Heavy Rock and Hard Rock and also recently in the Rockcinante Oscar Sancho (Lust) program.

After a series of changes in the lineup, Gaelbah reach a new level in his career with the release of their first single “Ready for Your Passion” recorded in the studios GAME music of Seville and later their first full length album entitled “The man who never was” released on July 13, 2012, in the studios of Juanjo Tristan.

In May 2014 they release a new single called “World on Fire” who will also be the name of their next studio album, recorded at DG Studios by F. J. Kubero and appear in the special July-August issue of the journal “The Heavy” (old heavy rock) interviewed by Mariano Muniesa.

The current lineup is:

José María Bando: Rythm guitar and vocals
Josemi Cassani: Guitar
Hernan Dario Alejandro: Vocal
Varo Lopez: Drums
Diego Vazquez: Bass and vocals

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