Audiophilia – Featured Band On 365 Radio Network

Audiophilia – Featured Band On 365 Radio Network


Audiophilia is a 5 piece Rock/Metal/Grunge band founded in 2014 and based out of Wisconsin.

Audiophilia is a grunge metal teen band, who has forged a name for themselves by venturing out on Warped Tour and festivals, like Summerfest. They have been featured in large notable venues, such as the Rave and Miramar Theatre in Wisconsin.

Audiophilia consists of five older teens with the will to expose the newest generation to rock and metal music. Originating as a cover band, the group has now grown to writing and performing originals as well. Their debut Slapdash EP, consisting of four songs, is now available on most digital platforms, as well as in physical form. An audience can expect familiar tunes as well as these refreshing tracks.

Based out of southern Wisconsin, the band was founded after meeting at Rock Central, a non-profit music school providing students with the tools to play live. After experiencing the thrill of on-stage performance, they ventured out to form a band of their own.
These award winning musicians have performed at known venues such as Summerfest, Warped Tour, and The Rave. They’ve collected multiple first place prizes from battle of the bands competitions and made a name for themselves in the local scene.

Lynzi Hayes (vocals)
Chase Albrecht (guitar)
Michael Ellington (rhythm guitar)
Cj Gochanour (drums)
Kayla Wrukus (bass)

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