Album Review: Zierler – “ESC”

Artist: Zierler
Album: ESC
By: E. Kane


Finn Zierler – Keyboards
Kelly Sundown Carpenter – Vocals
Per Nilsson – Guitars
Truls Haugen – Bass
Bobby Jarzombek – Drums

Let me start by proclaiming I had never heard of Finn Zierler or members of the group Zierler prior to this review.

I rapidly did my research prior to listening to the first note. I won’t go into details but I strongly suggest you take time to visit the official website for biographies and browse the world for other information. What you will find is a group of seriously talented artists with impressive credentials.

Finn Zierler alone has a fascinating past and takes creativity to the outer limits.

ESC is not a collection of songs. These tracks are true compositions put in play by amazing artists. “A new beginning” is an excellent start to all that follows.

Leading into “Aggrezzor” which all I can say is wow.. Such a great blend of keys and guitar licks leading you through a realm of heavy through traditional feelings and touching all points in between. Just loved this one.

There are many tracks that take you to a darker place yet easily keep your interest as the stories and segments unfold. “Evil Spirit” comes to mind and includes amazing technical aspects along the way.There is a classical flavor blending with rock and metal which is undeniably musically challenging and magnetic to the ear.

I really enjoyed the twists and turns especially the less heavy times such as in ” Rainheart” when the power is stripped away and you hear the classic progressive edge surface. This occurs many times throughout the album and is well placed and a joyous change.

Ending with “Whispers” opening as an operaesque setting building yet calmly presenting great flowing melodic vocals and impressive technical instrumental segments. A great end to a great album.

Finn Zierler is an amazing composer and artist. Kelly Sundown Carpenter’s voice is unique and natural with a captivating tone rarely heard in much of today’s progressive music. Per Nilsson is outstanding on guitar in most every way but really compliments the keyboard riffs throughout the album. Not sure if Per or Truls laid down the bass but the tone is awesome and cuts through the mix with impressive clarity and punch. Bobby Jarzombek on drums is right on target adding creative nuggets throughout and will be the envy of many listeners. The production and engineering is also top notch.

In Finn’s words “Everything on the album is recorded as organically as possible. Personally, I’m sick of listening to “plastic” albums that sound more like machines than humans!”

In my opinion he was very successful. I highly recommend this album… You will not be disappointed. True talent unleashed.

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