Album Review : Woodhawk “Beyond The Sun”

Band: Woodhawk
Album: Beyond The Sun
By: Dude Diablo

woodhawk - beyond the sun album cover

Screamin’ outta the Canadian Rockies hell bent for leather, they rip through the foothills with guns blazing & land on the plains to claim what is rightfully theirs…………. all that is before them. They call themselves Woodhawk but I just call ‘em “lightning in a bottle”. Who challenges them? No one!!!

Right out of the gate this 3 man power rock trio unload with a hit of precise, lead packin’ muscle called ‘Chrononaut’. Definitely, Ozzy & Black Sabbath have influenced both their sound & song structure, but make no mistake about it, these musicians are their very own men. ‘A New Hope’ reinforces these statements with the guitarist’s use of his phaser. The song ‘Beyond the Sun’ is a majestic hard rock barrage with vocals, bass, guitar & drums all in perfect harmony. Just like a dragster the track rolls to the start line, then patiently waits for the Xmas tree to spit green & when it does all ya see & hear is a blast of smoke & flash of flame amid the thunder of who they really are: guitarist Turner Midzain, bassist Mike Badmington, drummer Kevin Nelson.

Not many hard rock bands have the sand to orchestrate an instrumental let alone record it but Woodhawk does. They did so beautifully with ‘Foresee the Future’. Live, they must destroy the place. ‘Lawless’ & ‘Living in Sand’ kick ya right in the face with a hard rock boot. I love that attitude. My favorite song is their last, the blaster ‘Magnetic North’ which is all hard liquor with a steroid chaser. I’m really glad that these guys decided to leave the mountains but didn’t forget to take their lead spraying muscles with them. There ain’t nothin’ wimpy about this band, they just ROCK plain & simple. And what a great song to end their story with. To hear them please tune into the 365 Radio Network. You won’t be disappointed.

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