Album Review: Winterhymn – “Blood & Shadow”

Band: Winterhymn
Album: Blood & Shadow
By: M. Loop
Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Pagan Metal band Winterhymn’s second full length album “Blood And Shadow” sports a very melodic brand of symphonic metal.

I feel the angst in the blood drenched vocals and guitars of guitarist/vocalist Draug and guitarist Varrik being healed by the beauty of violinist Umbriel and keyboardist Exura’s beautiful counterpoint melodies. Drummer Valthrun and bassist/vocalist Alvadar are flawless in their performance and sensitivity to the arrangements.

Hats off to the production team. Everything is well balanced and sounds great. The album is well paced with a death roar followed by a quiet before the storm section or song before returning to the fury.

“Blood And Shadow” is an album of beautiful, grandiose music filled with emotion and courage. I hear a strong light/dark battle going on in every tune. I can see pagan rituals in misty forests under full moon nights. There is a strong Celtic and old English flavor to the proceedings.

As they are an American band and mention on their web site “folklore inspired by both their own mythos and the forests and wildlands of their native North America” it might be interesting to incorporate some native American melodies and drums.

I would love to hear these songs providing soundtrack music for fantasy, sorcery, witchcraft and period movies if they haven’t already.

This is a wonderful band with a huge sound and a tremendous future!

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