Album Review: Wasted Puppets – “Puppet Show”

Artist: Wasted Puppets
Album: Puppet Show
By: M. Loop


Wasted Puppets have a true gift for melody and harmony. The songs are instantly catchy and the riffs burrow into your memory.

The sound of the record is reminiscent of Collective Soul and the rockier side of Train. This is a band with a real future.

I enjoyed the arrangements as they drove each song home hard but there was no overplaying. The vocals and guitars were up front and strong, each with great tone. The bass and drums were well recorded and solid as a rock.

As for the songs, “Lovestruck” is funky and swampy. “Black Tar Medicine” rocks hard and “My Sweetest Poison” is radio friendly. The album features one cool tune after the next.

This is a band with great talent and I look forward to hearing more killer rock from these fine musicians.

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