Album Review : Walpyrgus “Walpyrgus Nights”

Band: Walpyrgus
Album: Walpyrgus Nights
By: M.Loop

Walpyrgus Cover

A conglomerate of veteran Heavy Metal musicians joined together in North Carolina under the moniker of WALPYRGUS, this experienced six piece band knows how to rock hard. They sound stadium ready and feature an array of tunes that are memorable and easy to sing along to.

Jonny Aune is a vocalist of the highest caliber. He has an enviable range and commitment to singing the tunes from the heart.

Scott Waldrop and Charley Shackelford on guitars work very well together on their many harmonized and well composed duo guitar parts. Each shines in his own right on individual solo turns and their rhythm parts are in lock step with the very tight pair of Jim Hunter on bass and Peter Lemieux on drums.

Tom Phillips on keyboards and guitars is a supportive force within the bands’ soundscape.

“The Dead Of Night” Is a very hooky tune with amazing harmonies on both vocals and guitars.

“Somewhere Under Summerwind” A high energy opus with each musical section well developed and very melodic. There is a bit of classical influence in the composition.

“Dead Girls” I like the lyric: “Dead girls from the other side with demons in their minds”. A humorous love song to women you probably shouldn’t date if you value your life.

“Lauralone” Opens with a rockin’ riff and digs into the story of a girl who was followed home by evil things and meets an unfortunate end.

“Palmystry” A love song to a gypsy lady of dubious ways who mystically possesses the thoughts and dreams of her admirer.

“She Lives” A song about being taken in the night by a demon lover who rises from her grave when you say her name.

“Light Of A Torch (Witch Cross Cover)” Features excellent guitar work by Scott Waldrop and Charley Shackelford and passionate vocals by Jonny Aune.

“Walpyrgus Nights” A big, heavy, plodding beat with Hammond B3 stabs jump out of the speakers while choirs sing of fires burning on Walpyrgus Nights.

The band features tremendous musicianship with emphasis on well composed two part guitar harmonies and Jonny Aune’s great vocal range and rock star vocal delivery. He reminds me a bit of both Ronnie James Dio and David Byron in his vocal strength and vibrato.

If you like upbeat heavy rock songs with outstanding musicianship singing dark stories of dangerous and deadly love, Walpyrgus is the band for you.


Jonny Aune – Vocals
Scott Waldrop – Guitars
Charley Shackelford – Guitars
Jim Hunter – Bass
Tom Phillips – Keyboards
Peter Lemieux – Drums

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