Album Review : Voodoo Circle “Raised On Rock”

Artist: Voodoo Circle
Album: Raised On Rock
By: Dude Diablo

Voodoo Circle Cover

If you’re a tight assed, fashionably chic fascist, who is hell bent on dictating the terms of what politically correct music others can listen to while you police the Autobahn on a bicycle, for music infractions, then this band isn’t for you. You know the type of politically correct music I’m talking about, the trash that comes out of empty, MSG laden soup cans & makes you spew Exorcist rivers of vomit when you hear it. Its music that is nothing but a public safety hazard & should be outlawed for abusing your ears, vomit aside. Hey man, its time to get cranked on one of 365 Radio Network’s great, new Rock finds. Voodoo Circle is the band and “Raised on Rock” is their latest release. By the way, if you popped that CD into your burnin’ in all 6 screamin’ Audi R8 V10 Plus gears & cranked it while you smoked the road, you would be on the right path to solving the bulk of the world’s ills. After all, wasn’t the world a happier place when guitar driven, melodic Rock ruled the airwaves?

Voodoo Circle is a 4 man, hard rockin’, hard as rock, German Rock band fronted by the talented, face melting guitar player Alex Beyrodt. Let me be clear, talent is the catch phrase for Voodoo Circle. The bass player is Mat Sinner & he ain’t no preacher baby. The band is driven by
Francesco “Cesco” Jovine’s merciless thunder, whose sticks & feet make Bruce Lee types look like shadow boxers. Then there’s vocalist Herbie Langhans. If this guy had to sing for his supper he’d own every 5 Star restaurant in Europe. My bet is Steven Tyler feels like he’s been swimming in cold water, every time he hears the man’s voice. Oh yeah, they all have long hair too. In my opinion, there is no group of men more deserving of being outfitted with straight jackets, than those who scalp themselves baby ass bald every morning, when they could just as well be sporting a full, free flowing, let it rain Rockmane. Voodoo Circle is definitely a picture of the Rock Renaissance that 365 Radio Network is spearheading.

“Raised on Rock” (CD) opens with the blistering fury of “Running Away From Love”. The song has everything that makes a Rock song, a great Rock song: Lightning bending vocals perfectly tuned to one of the best guitar solos I have heard in a long time. Add Sinner & Cesco and the band could raise the dead at a funeral any day man. The band slam shifts their R8 V10 Plus down a few gears into hard edge “Higher Love”. The harmonies & melody will peel your skin off and if they don’t you’re already a skeleton. That or you’re just a dick, trolling the Autobahn on a bicycle, for music violators. The arrangement is amazing. With “Walk On The Line”, vocalist Herbie Langhans truly showcases his vocal abilities by holding a single note with unwavering control, for as long as it takes a cop to get out his car & walk over to your thunder shaking ride, to give you a ticket, just for the hell of it.

But hey, Voodoo Circle gives “You Promised Me Heaven”. The fascist killer opens with gut spilling, tongue twisting guitar, guaranteed to void any lament you might have about today’s music scene by kicking non-believers square in the pills. Its time to convert to Rock or die of shame baby. The song is the new “Stairway to Heaven”. Yeah, you heard right & I’m definitely not about to stutter like a blubbering, hardcore candy ass, just because you are stuck in the late ‘60’s. In other words, I stand by my words. If this song doesn’t make your free flag fly you better get a job mopping floors in a North Korean morgue because you’re screwed for life anyway.

The band rips their big block V10 down a few notches with “Just Take My Heart” & “Where Is The World We Love ”, giving the listener a chance to lower their heart rate before they floor their inner beast by exploding into “Ultimate Sin”. No, it ain’t about shaggin’ your neighbor’s dog. Its about the inequality of not sharing the Benjamins, something we all should be talking about. I believe equality should mean equal rights for all & not just for the few, politically correct groups that the elite Autobahn bicyclist deems righteous. After all, Rock is the most righteous music genre of them all, even Classical. Although, many of Rock’s great guitar players are classically trained.

Rock has been around since the 1950’s & that is because Rock is the most popular music on the planet. We all know, it is so popular that labels have repackaged the ancient stuff as Classic Rock which cuts many of the new Rock acts out of the scene. But the new media is helping to change that by scouring the globe for talented new Rock acts. By new media I’m talking about 365 Radio Network, Midwest Broadcast Group, Music Interview Magazine & Eclectic Music Lover, to name a few.The new media that is made up of non-partisan, Rock & Metal music fans, who are as passionate as I am about the art of guitar driven Rock & Metal; melodic Rock & Metal packed with precision guitar, screaming on point vocals, slammin’, nothin’ but business bass with drums completely off the leash, like you can find on “Raised On Rock”.

Next up, “Chase Me Away” has a spine shaking intro which is nothing short of brilliant and in my opinion, is the most dynamic song of Voodoo Circle’s new offerings. That’s followed by “Unknown Stranger”, a super serious, majestic Rock ass kicker, nothing short of Rock Anthem material, one guaranteed to blister paint on buildings a mile away when cranked to 10. This brings me to the finale, a finale I could only wish for & one delivered with the knockout power, of a totally, pissed off, 21 year old Mike Tyson. Also, its delivered with the tender loving care that only Mike could muster. Yup, “Love Is An Ocean” is a bad boy, Rock ball buster. It is reminiscent of Led Zeppelin but has a much more powerful deliver. It is a very fitting end to “Raised On Rock”, by one of the most memorable bands I have ever had the privilege to review: Voodoo Circle.

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