Album Review : Virtual Symmetry “Message From Eternity”

Band: Virtual Symmetry
Album: Message From Eternity
By: M. Loop

Virtual Symmetry Cd Cover

Here is a band that knows dynamics. They take their time to let motifs develop. This is symphonic progressive music of very high caliber. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Message From Eternity by Virtual Symmetry.

These are musicians with very high pedigree. Wonderful performances all.

The album opens very atmospherically with “Darkened Space”. The title aptly describes the feeling of the music, all synths creating a floating feeling.

“Program Error (We Are The Virus)” starts out with synthesizers as well, followed by a very melodic mid tempo vocal tune with very creative chords. Marco Pastorino sings very passionately on this tune and has tremendous technique. Halfway through the tune we prog out and things get pretty darn exciting. A terrific tune establishing a level of composition and performance hard to follow…and yet they do.

“Soul’s Reflections” is a radio friendly composition with a blazing guitar performance by Valerio Æsir Villa.

“Pegasus” starts with a bass riff that leads into a jazzy feel intro, turning into a synth/guitar interplay section that is signature prog. The vocals come in and I feel a bit of Rush compositionally in the song’s sound. Every section has interesting arrangement ideas. This is a homework tune to play live. Lots of parts and time signatures, but a great listen. Once again Valerio Æsir Villa kills it on guitar. I must take off my hat off to the tremendous rhythm section of Alessandro Poppale on Bass Guitar and Davide Perpignano on Drums who are flawless in their complexity.

“You’ll Never Fall Again” opens with a piano intro exploding into a feeding frenzy of arpeggios and power chords beautifully composed. When the vocals enter the song turns into a very happy pop song with class and sophisticated arrangement.

“Silent Sweetness” is a slow, quiet and somber piano solo with an autumnal feel.

The 23 minute progtastic title track “Message From Eternity” features Ruben Paganelli on Saxophone and its grandeur includes the Sinfonietta Consonus symphonic orchestra conducted by Michal Mierzejewsky. This features a Trans Siberian Orchestra big arrangement. Marco Pastorino screams and sings his heart out on this one.

If you are a fan of progressive music or classical music or metal music or just good music in general you will enjoy this mature and accomplished work

The band:
Marco Pastorino – Vocals
Valerio Æsir Villa – Guitars
Mark Bravi – Keyboards
Alessandro Poppale – Bass Guitar
Davide Perpignano – Drums

Additional musicians:
Sinfonietta Consonus symphonic orchestra – Michal Mierzejewsky – Conductor
Jordan Rudess – Keyboards
Ruben Paganelli – Piano/Saxophone
Alessandro Del Vecchio – Vocalist/Producer
Sirio Balmelli – Lyrics

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