Album Review: Villains. – “Villains. EP”

Band: Villains.
Album: Villains. EP
By: Shane Manning


Hailing from South Carolina, Villains. is at the forefront of a new wave of Metal.

This band has vocals that you can actually understand, blistering riffs and solid rhythm.

Jordan on vox delivers a concrete front end with his melodic tones and beastly growls.

Todd and Scott on guitars offer a great blend for Jordan. Solid heavy riffs that are not over-produced or overdone.

A solid bottom end in Vance’s style leads the way through a journey of thunderous percussion.

Although bass is left open, the production of the EP is spot on, whoever fills these shoes will no doubt be as top-notch as the rest of the band.

Villains. has been described as a nihilistic sludge of EYEHATEGOD meets the song writing instinct and hook of Queens of the Stone Age and He is Legend. And I will agree. You can heard hints of those bands as influences in this EP.

In closing, personally for me, Villains. is leading the way in a generation of Metal that will surely withstand the test of time.

It is a soulful and innovative approach, bringing back the artistry to Metal.

Jordan Condery-Vocals
Todd Caraway-Guitar
Scott Hallybruton-Guitars
Vance Jeffcoat-Drum

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