Album Review: Vermillion Road – “Palaces”

Band: Vermillion Road
Album: Palaces
By: Ghost365

Vermillion Road - Palaces coverart

This Alt Rock quartet hailing from Colorado packs a sure fire punch and a newer twist on contemporary rock music.

They have a sound that is new and fresh yet still speaks to the veteran rocker.

Right at the top they hit you with fierce bass/drum/guitar gut punches that make you want to put your fists in the air!

Slick harmonies and fine production permeate this album.

All instruments are accounted for in sheer strength and vigor.

Drum tones are clear and punchy, bass lines strong and present, guitar tones and leads ripping thru effortlessly.

The singer has a unique quality to his voice, it reminds me of…I just can’t put my finger on it…oh yes, he reminds me of success!

Solid song writing and a very cohesive band for a bunch of youngsters! Yes , they are 20 somethings!

I can see this band taking the country by storm, one town at a time.

Go get this album or download it, you will be happy you did

Hunter, Will, Mark and Chad…Job Well Done

Favorite tracks: These Lies, Palaces

Members :
Hunter Heurich – Guitar
Will Robison – Vocals
Mark Mastrangelo – Bass
Chad Pinkerman – Drums

Album Review: Vermillion Road – “Palaces”

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