Album Review: Uforia “Fight Or Flight”

Band: Uforia
Album: Fight Or Flight
By: M. Loop

Uforia album cover

For fans of My Chemical Romance, Panic At The Disco or Fall Out Boy, Toronto’s Uforia deliver the big hooks, stadium rock guitars, songwriting, production and vibrant energy to cut through the competition.

Michael Ursini on lead vocal and guitar has a very radio friendly voice, with the control, phrasing and intonation of a top notch pro. He reminds me a bit of Brandon Urie from Panic At The Disco in how he really delivers a tune.

Adam Brik on lead guitar and vocals is a very creative guitarist. He has great tone and his part choices really cut through the mix while always supporting the tune.

Julien Bigras on drums and Daniel Salij on bass & vocals really deliver the goods.

This band needs a supportive but rock solid rhythm section and Julien and Daniel are always in service of the tune, never over playing but full of creative ideas and energy.

“Fight Or Flight” has a very cool staccato chorus and a very appealing commercial overall sound.

“Is Anybody Living” sports a killer intro, haunting melody and killer vibe.

“Overthrow” is my favorite song on the album. It is radio friendly and very catchy.

“Radiation” straddles hard rock and indie rock beautifully with a great sing along melody.

“Wake Me” features a passionate vocal and very interesting arrangement.

I have to give major compliments to the production team. This album is absolutely pristine, well mixed and mastered with excellent production choices.

Why haven’t I heard of Uforia before now?” They are major tour, heavy radio play ready and I sincerely hope they achieve that level of success.

Michael Ursini: lead vocal & guitar
Adam Brik: lead guitar & vocal
Julien Bigras: drums
Daniel Salij: bass & vocal

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