Album Review: The Van Desh – “Change”

Band: The Van Desh
Album: Change
By: M. Loop


Sweden’s The Van Desh is an original classic rock band of great promise. They feature the instrumentation and sound of Deep Purple crossed with the raw power of Steppenwolf.

Tommy Helgesson sounds like a rough voiced Ian Gillan with full tilt power screams and a very musical vibrato. Niklas Klaar on guitar and Mårten Strandberg on distorted Hammond B3 and keyboards work together seamlessly to keep the riffs pumping and each really shines. Konny Jeansson is a real pro on drums.

This four song EP is one good song after the next. Their sound is so full and promising, I hope as they develop they get their hands on their version of Smoke On The Water or Magic Carpet Ride so we can see them on the world’s great stages.

A tip of my hat to the talent on display with The Van Desh. I look forward to hearing more from this band without limits.

Band Members
Tommy Helgesson, Vocals/ Bass
Niklas Klaar, Guitar
Mårten Strandberg, Keys
Konny Jeansson, Drums

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