Album Review: Stonebreed – “Stonebreed”

Album Review: Stonebreed – “Stonebreed”
By: M. Loop
Stonebreed Album Stonebreed Cover

Stonebreed is clearly a very accomplished veteran band. It only took moments to hear the quality and talent of the very fine musicians involved.

I enjoyed every song on this fine album,and felt like I was experiencing a memorable night on Sunset strip in its heyday.

I hear the influences of all the bands Stonebreed mentions on their web site but I also hear the songwriting and musical chops that earn them a place alongside their heroes.

I imagine this album would kick live and I would very much enjoy a chance to see them in concert.

Brandon Paul has the divine rhythm tone of Tony Iommi and the lead chops of Eddie Van Halen. Very fine work.

The rhythm section of bassist Johnny Zell and drummer Orion Rainz is tight as a drum and adds tremendous energy to the arrangements.

Lead vocalist Carlos Cruz has a fine voice with classic rock tone and sings with excellent phrasing.

My only suggestion for this fine band going forward is to raise the volume of the vocals louder in the mix. I struggled to hear Mr. Cruz’s vocals at times and they are worth hearing loud and clear.

I look forward to hearing more killer tunes from this excellent band.

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