Album Review: Stardog – “Lucky 13”

Band: Stardog
Album: Lucky 13
By: M. Loop

Stardog cover

There is a very American sound to the strong tunes on the five song EP “Lucky 13” by South Carolina band Stardog.

Catchy choruses and well executed straight forward rock arrangements make this album a very enjoyable listen.

Stoney Love has a strong and emotive voice and really sells the tune.

Beau Long on guitar plays economically while locking in on rhythm guitar and solos with fire.
He plays with great tone and is always sensitive to the needs of the tune.

Mark Foy on keyboard lends great support and body to the arrangements.

The rhythm section of bassist, Raz and percussionist, Jason Moore are clearly playing to the song with everything focusing on forward motion.
They make the songs jump off the stereo.

“Sister Transistor” is a personal favorite and it really sells the hook. I smiled when the chorus hit. Well done!

Stardog is a band with great talent and strong songwriting chops.
I saw on their web site that they are getting a lot of air play and it is well deserved.
I look forward to hearing more from this up and coming American band!

Stoney Love – Vocals
Beau Long – Guitar
Raz – Bass
Jayson Moore – Percussion
Mark Foy – Keyboards

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