Album Review: Sonic Syndicate “Confessions”

Band: Sonic Syndicate
Album: Confessions
By: M. Loop

Sonic Syndicate cover

Well programmed and performed keyboards, solid songwriting and an aggressive rhythm section is what jumps out at you when you put the excellent “Confessions” by “Sonic Syndicate” from Stockholm.

Nathan J. Biggs has a strong pop rock voice. He breathes life into every song with his heart felt delivery.

Robin Sjunnesson on Guitars, Michel Bärzén on Bass and John Bengtsson on Drums are real pros with excellent performances by all.

I get the feeling the synth dominated sound on “Confessions” would be supplanted with a more aggressive rock sound live with guitar amps in your face.
But as for what is on record, this is a very polished euro sounding take on pop rock, extremely professional with not a note out of place. I must send a tip of the hat to the production team. This is a very pleasant album to listen to.

On their Facebook site they call their music Rock/Metal. That is what leads me to my live performance comment. I think they would sound Rock/Metal live, but on record it feels euro pop. There is nothing wrong with that. I am a fan of the euro pop genre.

“Start A War” has a cool, choppy ear worm rhythm in the track. It also featured a strong chorus.

“Falling” is very hooky.

The Rock/Metal kicks in on “I Like It Rough”

“Russian Roulette” is filled with ear worms. I turned this one up on the stereo.

“Closure” is well written and adds a touch of needed acoustic serenity.

“Still Believe” has a real pop gloss and features a terrific female vocal as she and Nathan duet about love passionately.

I can see from the photos on their web site that they pack mid-sized halls with an enthusiastic crowd. Kudos. Not easily achieved these days. They have an active touring schedule in Europe as well so this is a band on its way.

I look forward to hearing more from Sonic Syndicate on the world circuit!

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