Album Review : Skyline “Nowhere Here”

Band: Skyline
Album: Nowhere Here
By: M. Loop

Skyline cover

Italian independent rock band Skyline has talent to burn. Wonderful vocals by Edoardo Pacchiotti and a rock solid rhythm section nails down the powerful tunes on “Nowhere Here”.

Reminiscent of Filter and Puddle Of Mudd, Skyline combines power rock guitars with mostly mid-tempo power rock tunes featuring moody and emotive melodies that draw the listener in.

This band is tight and extremely professional. The production is outstanding.

“Way Home” is a super catchy and melodically attractive tune which is very radio friendly.

“I Don’t Care” features a very creative arrangement.
I love the breakdown section to just a piano with emotive vocals. This is a very powerful song. Crazy cool ending as the song squashes into nothing.

The remainder of the album features well produced, well written and well performed, melodically rich songs that are a pleasure to listen to.

The hook of the band is their alluring indie rock sound and excellent vocals. I imagine they will build a very large and loyal following if they haven’t already. I hope they are receiving the widespread air play their music so richly deserves.

The album poses a question I have often pondered. Is the United States listening audience ready to embrace wonderful music performed by a foreign band that features a vocalist who is not singing in his native language and has a bit of an accent. I personally enjoy it very much, but hearing it so infrequently on U.S. radio makes me wonder.

I can certainly say that we are missing out on some wonderful music if that is the case.

I imagine this band will be embraced by a widespread international audience and I would like to invite U.S. listeners to give this fine album a chance.

Edoardo Pacchiotti – Vox
Gianluca Rindone – Guitar
Fabio Gagliardi – Keyboard
Jari Bezzolato – Bass
Andrea Ramondetti – Drums

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