Album Review: Shamona – “Fly”

Cover Shamona - Fly
Band: Shamona
Album: Fly
By: M. Loop

Fly is a five song EP by the Liverpool, UK trio Shamona. This is a very well-produced album. While dominated by mid-tempo numbers, each song occupies its own little world filled with hook after hook. Fly is a very enjoyable listen. When the EP was over I wanted more and that’s a very good thing.

Bassist, lead vocalist Pete Riley sounds a bit like a British Bob Seger. A passionate rough voiced story teller with something to say. His very appealing vocal style invites you into the songs.

Andy O’Connor on Lead guitar and backing vocals has a wonderful guitar tone and always finds just the right part to play to enhance each individual song.

Sean Burns on drums is a sensitive musician, never overplaying and always complimenting the arrangements.

The songwriting has a bit of a REM, Train, The Beatles and Goo Goo Dolls flavor. Pop and folk rock with a tinge of blues. Subtle yet powerful.

I look forward to hearing a full album’s worth of material from this fine band combining their well written mid-tempo and acoustic numbers with a few up tunes. I would love to hear where this band would go if they let loose and released the Kraken. I bet it would rock in a wonderful way.

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