Album Review : Seven Hard Years “Stories We Tell”

Band: Seven Hard Years
Album: Stories We Tell
By: M. Loop

Seven Hard Years Cover

Check all the boxes:
1. Great high pitched vocals with tremendous technique.
2. Hook after hook choruses with big harmonies.
3. Fiery guitar solos.
4. Thunder god rhythm section.
5. Dynamics to suck you in.
6. The rock Gods are pleased.

Seven Hard Years deliver non-stop head pumping, stadium ready concert rock.

Shawn Pelata is a rock star, pure and simple. His Ronnie James Dio meets Steve PerryI meets David Byron vocal style is a rock lover’s dream. It’s just a matter of time before he’ll be a household name. Alan Kelly is a rock star in his own right. These gentlemen are pros all the way.

“I’ll Survive” jumps out of the box as a statement of purpose. You’re in for a rock extravaganza. It is reminiscent of strong tunes by Uriah Heep.

“Only Human” has a moody, inviting chorus and is one of my favorites.

“Church” has wonderful sections where Shawn Pelata sings a capella and really brings the hellfire.
Double kicks on the floor and Yngwie Malmsteen classical guitar argeggios make this song an album highlight.

“Sweet Sensation” has a hook that doesn’t quit. Radio needs to run with this one.

“Wasn’t Always Like This” is a sensitive tune which really drew me in and the chorus reminded me of strong Def Leppard tunes.

There are no weak throw away tunes on the album. Each song is carefully crafted and brings home the goods.

I can only imagine how powerful an experience seeing this band live must be.

If you like your rock as hot as fire with sing along choruses and pile driving sound, this album comes highly recommended.

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