Album Review : Raw Silk “The Borders of Light”

Band: Raw Silk
Album: The Borders of Light
By: M.Loop

Raw Silk

A very well produced album that incorporates various styles: hard rock, pop rock, art rock and progressive rock. The musicianship by Chris Dando on vocals and keyboards, Daryl Gardner on rhythm guitar, Kostas Kyriakidis on drums, keyboards, James Marshall Stanley on very tasty lead guitar, Paul Thompson on bass guitar, James Barratt on acoustic guitars and Stephanie Fowler on vocals is never less than accomplished and very professional in the choice of instrumental arrangements and performance.

This album is a pleasure to listen to throughout and I expect this band will get great air play and build their audience exponentially with this level of songwriting and musicianship.

“One Lifetime” A beautiful prog rock tune with soaring melodies and wonderful arrangement.

“Nobody Fills The Loneliness” A hooky tune with a strong chorus.

“Chimera” A tune that keeps changing and developing into a big Chimera chorus.

“Night – Time Angels” The song develops through the verse, pre chorus to the chorus beautifully.

“The Road You’ve Taken” An acoustic tune with a precious innocence. It’s a heartfelt tune that should get the lighters and cell phones swaying in concert.

“Losing My Mind” Roaring blues guitar right out of the chute. Chris Dando adds a touch of grit to his voice to bring this tune to life. An emotional series of chord changes brings this tune to greater heights.

“Distressed And Powerless” The drums fade in and what sounds like Stone Temple Pilots’ “Vasoline” pours out of the speakers followed by an unexpected pop rock love themed chorus.

“Out Of Reach” Big harmonies by Chris Dando and Stephanie Fowler make this song come to life.

“The Borders Of Light” Mr. Dando explores his lower register on this powerful tune which builds to a progressive instrumental track with a big chorus. A very strong tune at almost 12 minutes in length which never loses your interest.

“Solitude Of Pain” I didn’t know what kind of song could follow the majesty of “The Borders Of Light” but this fine tune fits the bill. It has a Pink Floydian mood and is really moving.​

I look forward to hearing more fine music from Raw Silk, a band with unlimited potential.

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