Album Review: Rain – “Spacepirates”

Band: Rain
Album: Spacepirates
By: M. Loop


Tremendous guitar tones, rip roaring raging vocals, smashing rhythm section and aggressive songs reign with Italian hard rock band Rain.
With titles like “Forever Bitch” (I love this one), “Not Dead Yet” and “Hellfire” (Wonderful riffs on this one) they tend to aim below the waist yet they are not afraid to get soft and emotional on “Billion Dollar Song”. “We Don’t Call The Cops (W.D.C.T.C.)” is an excellent tune.

Vocalist Mantis rips his vocal chords out of his gut like Lemme Kilmister.

Guitarists Amos and Ame are absolutely cut throat in their attack. Every chord and note has lethal force. I’m not sure I would survive sitting in front of their amps in concert. They’d melt my face off.

Bassist Gabry (The King) plays and produces his bass so the picking sounds really cuts through the mix and lifts the arrangements to a higher level.

Drummer Andrea hits hard and owns all the hard rock ferocity of the best in the genre.

Rain plays whisky, blood and sex music for an apocalyptic generation. If you like your music hard, loud and deadly please proceed, but be warned to play at your own risk!

Line Up:
Mantis Le Sin (vocals)
Alessio “AMOS” Amorati (vocals/guitars)
Amedeo Mongiorgi (vocals/guitars)
Gabriele “KING” Ravaglia (bass)
Andrea Fedrezzoni (drums)

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