Album Review: P.H.D. “P.H.D.”

Band: P.H.D.
Album: P.H.D.
By: M. Loop

P.H.D. Cover

The first thing that hit me when “Anon, And On” (great title) hit the stereo was that I was listening to Power House Destroyer.
How’s that for an acronym translation for P.H.D.

This band has energy to spare.
Strong, no nonsense juggernaut rock!

I really enjoyed listening to “Bad Good Man”.
There are unusual changes going through the tune and I love the unexpected chord that comes out of nowhere.

On “Come On In” the vocal arrangement is very ear catching. Well done!

Thom Harman on bass and vocals has a strong, pro voice and an unusual vocal style.
At times he has a bit of Ozzy in his pipes.
He occasionally aims for the unusual, middle eastern sounding twist of a melody over very straight forward rock tracks.

It is this juxtaposition of styles that makes the songs very unusual and gives the band its uniqueness.

John Puryear on guitar is rock solid as is drummer Andy Dumiak.

The band truly feels like a solid unit working together at all times.

“Rocks ‘n Socks” is a very fun tune.
It sounds like their band anthem and if it is, it’s very accessible and alluring.

I tip my hat to this fine South Carolina power trio who perform as a five piece live according to their band photos .

All I can say is keep the party going gentlemen!

John Puryear – Guitars
Thom Harman – Bass and Vocals
Andy Dumiak – Drums

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