Album Review : My Own Ghost “Life On Standby”

Album Review : My Own Ghost “Life On Standby”

Band: My Own Ghost
Album: Life On Standby
By: Dude Diablo


Would you give up your own ghost for the luxury of ’10 Weeks of Summer’ right now? I don’t know where you’re hangin’ your hat partner but when I looked out my window this morning I changed the channel immediately by putting the headphones on & blasting. I’m not giving up anything, unless I absolutely have to, especially ‘My Own Ghost’.

‘My Own Ghost’ is a 5 piece rock band out of Luxembourg, which was formed in 2013 & is a blueprint for 21st century rock.. The band (vocalist: Julie Rodesch, Guitars: Fred Brever & David Soppelsa, Bass: Joe May, Drums: Michael Stein) spent most of that 1st year writing & touring. In 2014, they released CD ‘Love Kills’, through Secret Entertainment of Finland. Just as the ink was drying on that deal, they scored another coup, in early 2015, when the rockers were picked up by German agency Red Lion Music, giants in the European rock & metal festival and tour markets. They spent the next two years doing what bands who want to make it do best…….touring & writing about it. Do you think ‘Life on Standby’ is a good title for their 2nd CD? So do I. It will be released on April 7/17.

Track list
01. Life On Standby
02. Everytime I Break
03. Alive
04. 10 Weeks Of Summer
05. If I Stay
06. Don’t Say You Love Me
07. No Air
08. The Night Before I Die
09. When Love Is Not Enough
10. Hope

When you buy the CD, this is the layout you’ll be presented with, very different from the order I received. First, I received these songs 3 weeks ago but couldn’t listen to them due to the unforeseen. Generally, A&R teams decide on the order but that order can change prior to a CD’s release, as others at the label get involved with the band. Experience always counts because without it the band is flying blind. ‘Hope’ was the 5th song I listened to and generally I listen to each song on a CD 4-5 times for a review. When Julie introduces ‘Hope’, it sounds to me as though I’m listening to the original version of Madonna but with a bigger vocal range. Here Julie is followed by guitar work that, though very simple, elegantly helps to define the song. Then, at just past half time the whole crew light it up. Make no mistake, this band is tight & definitely means business.

’10 Weeks of Summer’ was the first track I heard after being rudely introduced to an even ruder Sunday. The song made me feel like I’d escaped that grimness & instead was tearing down a beach road in a rebuilt ’57 Chevy rag top with my flame by my side, as we listened to the hit song of Summer 2017. ‘No Air’ and ‘Life On Standby’ (the title track) both continue the driving rock theme. Its like the break lines were cut on many of the tracks so as to juice our souls free of the mundane but that’s all I’ll give away. You can hear ‘Life On Standby’, the latest CD from ‘My Own Ghost’ for yourself, just by tuning into the 365 Radio Network.

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