Album Review: Milkbar – “Moustache”

Band: Milkbar
Album: Moustache
By: M. Loop


Amsterdam’s Milkbar is a terrific band. Strong songwriting, precision production, great vocals and creative arrangements. Every musician is excellent of their respective instrument, always finding the right part to play. Their sound has strains of Coldplay, Keane and Elbow with a happy Abba sheen.

I enjoyed every song on this tremendous album. There is an underlying sense of humor behind their pop sheen veneer.

The songs sound so familiar yet they cleverly throw in the unexpected twist that keeps the listening experience fresh. The hooks dig in deep and you find yourself humming them when the song is over.

I am disappointed I hadn’t heard of this band before. It is a shame they are not on the pantheon along with the above mentioned bands they remind me of. They belong in that league.

I’d like to send out a special shout out to the production team. There are so many little ear worms floating through the songs and each adds to the feeling of fun and forward motion.

This album is a joy and comes very highly recommended.

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