Album Review: Mick James – “Mick James Is Dead”

Artist: Mick James
Album: Mick James Is Dead

Debauchery. Wagnerian over the top arrangements. It sounds like a hundred people singing on the choruses. If you like your hard rock bigger than life, this album is for you.
Mick James sings like someone stole his wallet and he wants it back. Reminiscent of early Alice Cooper, this artist heads for the gallows singing all the way, spitting in the executioners face.
This album is apocalypse, mosh pit, blood and beer music for stalkers and serial killers.
The musicianship is strong throughout. The songs have a Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson vibe with arrangements leaning toward Nine Inch Nails meets Disturbed. There are some Bowie glam rock overtones to the whole affair, that is, of course if you want your death to be glamorous and who doesn’t.
This songs on this album scream for placement in any movies about hell, killers, dystopian future, and war. Enjoy!

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