Album Review : Last Bullet “80 – 69 – 64 “

Artist: Last Bullet
Album: 80 – 69 – 64
By: Dude Diablo

Last Bullet Cover

If you believe the music moguls of the world, the only music that anyone with a pair for working ears listens to is their label’s crap. Yup, crap which comes nicely packaged like the faceless dicks they are: dressed in tuxedo black suede sports jackets & sporting white monogramed shirts left open at the neck. The only things that are different about the most recent moguls are, they all are missing the gold chains and the growth of fake chest hair crawling out of their shirts, that their predecessors sported, you know the fake chest hair that Walmart sells for a buck a square yard. But if someone blindfolded you, then stood you in front of the soapbox they carry where ever they go, you’d swear it was the predecessor you were listening to, because, not only do they all sound the same but they all bathe in the same sickeningly sweet cologne, which seconds as a mouth wash, drowning out their fowl mouths and masking their indentical deceptions. What lengths some people will go to, just to control what you listen to. And the job has zero security too. One would actually think that these intellectually superior beings would sell and promote music which actually makes people happy. But oh no, they have to sell the crappiest of crap. Why do you think so many people are shooting and/or stabbing each other? No, no, no….its not the politicians who are pushing us over the edge, we’re immune to them, just like infectious bugs are immune to many antibiotics. The majority just haven’t discovered the 365 Radio Network and can’t handle being subjected to the wizardry of Kanye West’s massacred version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody being pushed at them any longer. But the great news is they do not have to worry about snapping & going postal on a colony of army ants, any more. You’ll never hear Kanye West butcher Bohemian Rhapsody on the 365 Radio Network but you will hear Last Bullet and their latest release 80 – 69 – 64. Feel better now? I thought so.

Last Bullet is a massive sound generating band based in T.O.: 2ron2. When they play they wring every ounce of passion from their super human souls that is mortally possible. So far, I haven’t made it past their opener: Bright Lights. I must have listened to this song about 50 times. Now why would I do that? Well, for starters I do it because if their opener is impossible to bore me to death, then I know that Last Bullet have something really special. PLUS: I really like the song!!!

Bright Lights is what true rock sounds like: gritty well played guitar, a lead singer with a set of pipes that cracks a Brinks truck wide open, drums that never quit & a lead heavy bass player pushing the edge. Their 2nd track Gimme Time is another example of why music moguls are stone cold dumb because these rockers should be headliners with Aerosmith the openers. It opens with an attention grabbing intro reminiscent of Iggy Pop but that is where Iggy ends and rock sanity begins as the gutsy heavy rockin’ blues takes over like a Trans Am crashing through a solidbrick wall to screaming pepper spray lyrics.

If you like a gripping bass run loaded with muscle then Little Miss Filthy is the sweetheart for you. The babe can chase a beer with a double shot of Jack for breakfast and still out perform the Manhattan daints any day of the week. This is one tightly wound intense rocker of a tune. The powerful guitar is perfectly tuned to the vocalist with the whole show exploding into a unified onslaught of pure 21st century rock. If Tarzan had a band it would sound like Last Bullet. But hey man……it doesn’t stop there, this show is just beginning.

Bang! Bang! Bang!!! This starts Sin. Who are these guys and where do they get their energy? I understand that Steven Tyler is whining about the death of rock. Well yeah, who wants to watch a 70 year old man strut around the stage in tights while trying to avoid tripping over his lips, as be blubbers about stuff no one even cared about in the 70’s. Its time to put your lips in a glass of water with your teeth Steve and let Last Bullet have the mic and take the stage. If you think I’m kidding Stevie Boy, try singing Smoke $ Ashes, without keeling over from a heart attack. Smoke $ Ashes is another powerful song and my favorite because of the intriguing
guitar work, song writing and vocal harmonies brought into unison by thundering bass & heavy pounding drums to end in a crashing crescendo finale.

Southern Lips starts out with a simple rock guitar intro then tears its way though the song with edgy guitar punctuated with Exile on Main Street/Chuck Berry style guitar bends and a Bad Company vibe. Make no mistake about it, Last Bullet put their signatures on this track as well.

Every summer the Wile E. Coyote music moguls roll out their stables of geriatric rockers, slap a few pounds of makeup on each of them, then try to pawn them off as the next big thing by charging an arm and a leg for the nosebleed seats. And they wonder why their bank accounts are shrinking. In the US rock is king so why not give lesser known bands like Last Bullet a shot at the title instead of pushing your tired old men on us. You don’t see The Stones pretending to be 25 again, besides what the hell do they have in common with youth besides the fact that they still have a pulse of some sort? The answer is nothing. Last Bullet has effectively brought rock into the 21st century with a BANG!!! They are releasing their new EP 80 – 69 – 64 on July 14. Rather than treating yourselves to over priced cult mentality coffee, why not support true rockin’ art and purchase their music. You’ll certainly feel better and not want to go postal on anyone if you do because these guys really know how to put the fun back into rock.

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