Album Review : Killer Khan “Global Killer”

Band: Killer Khan
Album: Global Killer
By: Shane Manning

Killer Khan cover

To take a quote from the band bio: “Little is known about this mysterious band that in the mid-90s emerged on to the scene out of the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina under the name Holy Moses.” And this is true, very little is known about Killer Khan, until you dig a little deeper. There are three full length albums from this Heavy Metal outfit, “Kill Devil Hills”-1999, “Rock ‘n Roll Forever”-2001 and “Global Killer”-2016.

Global Killer – Upon first listen, you get a sense of that 70’s-80’s crunchy Metal that gave you the shivers like Ozzy did with “Bark at the Moon”. Ron’s guitar work lends greatness to each track. Solid rhythm and mindnumbing solos, his style is one for the ages. Unrelenting in posture and tone. With a very tight chemistry between the members, each song is delivered with precise execution. They say Rock n Roll is dead. No! Killer Khan proves it is not. “Global Killer/The Outlaw” and “Last Train to Rio” are a must to hear from this album.

Once your ears have experienced this masterpiece, you come full circle. Vocals of Gods so to speak. Which as it should be. Nothing against screamo Metal, but sometimes to be able to hear the lyrics clearly you get a better association with the experience. Global Killer gets a 5 out of 5 rating because it is unique and different enough to warrant serious attention! A must have for your Metal collection.

Killian Khan – Vocals and Guitar
Ron Dalton – Lead Guitar
Brice Sandahl – Bass
Jody Rumple – Drums

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