Album Review : Jay Clark Band “Cocked & Loaded”

Band: Jay Clark Band
Album : Cocked & Loaded
By: Dude Diablo

Jay Clark Band - Cocked & Loaded

Sssssshhhhh!!! Its Sunday & time to wake up the town. Just click onto Get Wild by the Jay Clark Band, crank it & that’ll get that job done. Sure, you might get evicted if you’re in a rented unit or even divorced if you’re married & living in a house but so what…….losing the house ‘ll be worth it. No more house payments, weekend trips to Home Depot &/or Bed, Bath & Beyond. Beyond is right…beyond sanity is Mars baby. I tell ya folks, there is a music revolution happening & its being delivered directly to you, with personality, by the 365 Radio Network each & every day of your awesome life.

Jay Clark is a Dayton, Ohio boy. The Jay Clark Band is his band, conceived in LA on a gritty bet and Cocked & Loaded is the CD: recorded in Nashville with explicit Southern Rocker punctuation. What better music is to write about on this sacred Memorial Day Weekend, music to dedicate to those fallen, while fearlessly Serving our great country while Protecting us all, so we could & can go on with our daily lives.

Cocked & Loaded (CD) opens with Get Wild, a serious ass kicker. Its the vibe that pumps through the veins of every young, red blooded US male who is on the prowl Friday night for rippin’ party action. Its the music coursing through the veins of Broadway in downtown Nashville, filling the air with the thick heavy scent of perfume, evaporating from the bottleneck slide Barbies, who cruise the strip in packs, in search of that one lone wolf. Its America’s music through & through, music which can’t be counterfeited. Sure, some sap can counterfeit the CD, then bootleg the music like a cowering dog but they can’t create it or perform it because they just don’t get it because they don’t live it. And Jay Clark lives it. Listen to Hell or High Water, the tune which follows Get Wild. Hear what I mean? Well, if ya don’t I’m sorry but you must have made 1 too many model airplanes as a child and should take up knitting & darning socks.

Leave It All Behind & The River both solidify Jay’s complete commitment to his art. And if you don’t believe it then listen to Won’t Be Pushed Around. But the standout track for his commitment is Freight Train. Bar owners just love musicians who play for free. But the damn fools don’t get that they are slitting their own throats by being so cheap. Tourists come to Nashville to hear great music. They don’t come to surf. If they wanted that they’d go to Mavericks in Cali or the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii. Nope, tourists flock to Nashville from around the globe to hear great music & the only way bars on the strip will endure is if the owners start treating their performers like artists instead of like slaves. Freight Train says pay to play is dead!!! Amen to that brother. Pay to play is buried in the desert & anyone who thinks they can dig up that boney corpse had better stick to booking lip syncing superstars, then again customers are getting a bit thin on that vulgar play as well. There is only so much mileage bookers are gonna get from tatted out posers. The movement to real performance is driving across the America like a firestorm of Hell bent for leather fearlessness and fearlessness is what makes America great…………not billionaires. You rock Jay….you rock.

Another Love Song & Whatcha Doin’ To Me lay it on the line but down another avenue. Cocked & Loaded, the title track, kicks sand right back in the Sandman’s face. Its time for Bob Dylan to sit his ratty old man ass down on a park bench somewhere in NYC & stick to rolling joints with his buddies because the only venues where The Times They Are A Changin’ is #1 is at the funerals of dead Baby Boomers. The Shakedown is over Bobby, its not just Women’s Lib anymore its Liberation for Everyone. Enjoy the pigeons pal & keep your hat on. I’m voting for the Jay Clark

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