Album Review: Five Black Bullets – “Dirty Boys Of The Underground”

Band: Five Black Bullets
Album: Dirty Boys Of The Underground
By: M. Loop


Razor blade vocals combined with classic rock arrangements, big sing along choruses with gang vocals, Five Black Bullets certainly rock the roll!

Very well recorded, the album comes out of the shoot pumping and never lets up for a minute. It is clear that the Five Black Bullets want their audience sweaty and lathered and they have the goods to get them there.

Wah wah anyone? Serious solos combined with AC/DC, Blue Oyster Cult, Lynyrd Skynyrd multi guitar attack are prominent.

The Rhythm section has a four on the floor, pumping, eighth note driving, kick in your face attack.

Is it just my mind or does the album start off with Marshall amps on eleven and end up on twenty?

With song titles like “Whiskey And Guns” and “Get Rock (Or Die Trying)” this is serious mosh pit music for club goers who want their drinks strong and like to bang their heads to the band.

I take my hat off (and anything else one can take off legally) to you gentlemen!

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