Album Review : Fireland “Fireland lll – Believe Or Die”

Band: Fireland
Album: Fireland lll – Believe Or Die
By: M. Loop


Fireland offers a progressive take on symphonic metal that is one part melody and two parts aggression. This is a really great album for those whose idea of a vacation is Armageddon.

Featuring metal double kick drums, brilliant dual guitar interplay, operatic Ronnie James Dio /David Byron vocals and a super solid rhythm section. At times the music gets theatrical or operatic in nature.

They remind me of early Uriah Heep minus the keyboards, Black Sabbath and Symphony X.

They use unusual dark chords creating a dystopian soundscape.

My favorite tune “My Enemy’s Enemy” sounds like Black Sabbath but not just the band, it sounds like a real Black Sabbath ritual.

“Ironclad” features an acoustic intro that builds into a killer sing along chorus.

“Hell Hotel” blows your mind with a chorus melodically just outside enough to be devastating. I’m sure this is in heavy rotation down below.

“Fallen” opens and closed acoustically. It is a theatrical metal onslaught with ebbs and flows that keep you involved all the way through.

I love the title “Murderhole”. It is a dark paean to love gone wrong. It’s a very cool tune featuring wonderful vocal and guitar melodies. Dave Brown really sells the song vocally.

“Hate Will Live On” is a Partridge Family cover…just kidding! It’s the only tune on the album that features cookie monster vocals and is designed to produce fear. Play this when your mother comes in the room if you want her to leave quickly.

If you like aggressive, melodic music with well written songs featuring sing along choruses and fiery dual guitar interplay, Fireland might be for you.

M. Loop

Steve Moore – Guitars (lead), Bass, Vocals (2003-present) – (Stormzone, Riffmaster General, ex-Condemned, ex-Devilmakesthree, ex-Psychotribe, ex-Stone Cold)
Chris Mawhinney – Drums (2004, 2005-present) – (ex-Conjuring Fate)
Dave Brown – Vocals (2016-present) – (Chaos Frame, ex-Poseidon, ex-Single Bullet Theory)

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