Album Review: Erica – “Hollow Moon”

Band: Erica
Album: Hollow Moon
By: M. Loop

Erica Hollow Moon

The self proclaimed Greatest Rock & Roll Band in Gloucestershire, Erica is a three piece band that aims to punch above its weight.

I assure you they punch above their weight and below the belt.
At times they sound like a five piece (of course, with overdubbing on record they might be). D
oesn’t matter, Erica is big, bad and beautiful.

Singer/guitarist Dalton Woodward has a very pro sounding modern rock voice.
Rough when needed, smooth an seductive at other times.
His guitar playing is not splashy but always right for the song.
Very accurate with solid bluesy tone.

Jason Burger has a killer, Chris Squire distorted bright pick tone that really adds meat to the sound.

Will Hall who plays drums and likes to hit things, hits things well, hard, loud and proud. The performances are flawless.

Cool tunes and interesting production are present throughout this excellent album.
They are not afraid to interrupt the song structure with creative riffage and tempo changes. Very Foo Fighters.

There are times they sound like Kasabian (a fave of mine) all distorted vox and big guitar riffs.
They also have a bit of Soundgarden in their vibe.

Just a great DNA pool to draw from and Erica absorb these influences well while sounding fresh.

I really enjoyed listening to this very creative album.

This band falls into that long list of deserving bands for whom I must ask the question: “Why haven’t I heard of them before?”

If there is music justice, the pantheon awaits these three fine lads.

Members :
Dalton Woodward : Guitars/Vox.
Jason Burger : Bass.
Will Hall : Drums /Likes to hit things. /

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