Album Review: Embassy Of Silence – “Verisimilitude”

Artist: Embassy Of Silence
Album: Verisimilitude
By: E. Kane


Embassy Of Silence is a progressive group from Finland. Around since 2007 they have many music collections to choose from. The latest collection of tunage they call “Verisimilitude” released in 2015.

Generally speaking it’s wonderful to hear a group taking risks and crossing many genres along the way.
But don’t worry, there are plenty of metal progressive highlights in this collection too.

“Shame, Spin & Click” is a great example starting with almost popish vocals but soon transitioning into a much darker place, then rocking back and forth the rest of the trip.

I have to mention “Moths”… This one takes me back to the old west and that really big hall sound.
For a moment I envisioned Clint Eastwood by my side… Yes really!
Then a great melodic verse takes over mixing things up for our pleasure.
This is maybe not the most technically complex tune of the collection but one of my favs for the melodies alone.

“Thimble” is worth a mention as well.
Hold on for the many mood shifts that will feed your fix for the progressive edge.

If I had one wish from this venture it would be to lessen the effects on Ines’s vocals to let the classic tone come through even more.
Again, this is just my personal taste. She still rocks it!

Overall the group is very tight and Ines Lukkanen’s vocals allow the band to take many musical risks and shifts successfully.
A very interesting approach which takes us to unexpected places.

Keep an open mind and you will enjoy this collection just as I did.

Ines Lukkanen – Vocals
Tero Kalliomäki – Lead/rhythm guitars
Jarno Suodenjoki – Rhythm guitar
Samu Lahtinen – Bass
Make Lievonen – Drums

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