Album Review: DiMino “Old Habits Die Hard”

Band: DiMino
Album: Old Habits Die Hard
By: M. Loop

DIMINO Old Habits Die Hard coverart

Frank Dimino, lead vocalist of the Washington, DC glam and hard rock band Angel formed in the mid 70’s and who later performed as lead singer with UFO guitarist Paul Raymond in the Paul Raymond Project has released a solo album entitled “Old Habits Die Hard”.

The only habit that hasn’t died hard is his superior vocal talent.
Dimino is singing on all cylinders here.
What a wonderful instrument he has, full of power, confidence, great range, killer falsetto, his unique signature vibrato and a dash of mojo.

The album rocks hard. One tune after the next a lesson in rock history.

The performers on the album are clearly seasoned hard rock pros who excel at their instruments.
The production is pristine in every aspect, with vocals clear as a bell, the drums, bass and keyboards sitting in the mix perfectly and the guitars face melting.

“Rockin In The City” is a stadium anthem.
“I Can’t Stop Loving You” is heartfelt and radio friendly.
“Even Now” is a welcome acoustic respite from the non-stop action.

Dimino’s vocals and the songwriting on “Sweet Sensation” are reminiscent of AC/DC.

There’s no denying the quality of Dimino’s “Old Habits Die Hard”.
The album is solid as the rock I stand on!
Dimino is a top notch rock star vocalist and I’d be surprised if he isn’t gracing one of the world’s great stages as I write.
I look forward to seeing him in concert one day.
It will be money well spent!

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