Album Review: Devine Electric – “Devine Electric”

Artist: Devine Electric
Album: Devine Electric
By: Ghost365


Devine Electric , a straight ahead , hard rockin Australian band released this new album in 2016.

Shining guitar work, impressive vocals and great songwriting make this a go to album.

I have to say they have a sound that reminds me of an American band, Guns and Roses, with a twist of AC/DC and Cinderella mixed in.

“It Happens All The Time” and “Tears You Cry” being my favorite tracks.

I bet this band is crazy in a live setting, you can just tell! If you like AC/DC, Guns and Roses, Judas Priest or Cinderella you will totally rock out on this album.

Eli Reskov- Lead Vocals/Keys
Ivor Radocaj- Guitars/ Vocals
Paul Corben- Drums
Zoran Mrakic- Bass/ Vocals

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