Album Review: Damn Pigeon – “Whiskey Sinners”

Album Review: Damn Pigeon “Whiskey Sinners”
By: GHOST365

Damn Pigeon is a solid rock band…

“Whiskey Sinners” features driving guitars and bass lines, and a vocal line hinting at Meat loaf.

“The Night In You”, highlights cool drum phrasing, killer vocals and a Deep purple vibe , these guys cross all styles of rock genre with no fear.

Stripper Crotch, need I say anymore? My favorite riff on the whole record…it’s sick for sure.

Starlight is a very Deep Purple sounding tune with a metal twist on it. Cool harmonies, harmonics, killer drumming and a ripping guitar solo.

She’s like a drug has a cool 90’s Seattle vibe to it combined with some Iron Maiden style riffage, a very interesting combination….and it works

Pound is another song that caught my attention. A Sound Garden style tune, the vocal line in the chorus rips and keeps you engaged….

All in all, this album really knocked my socks off. DP manages to morph a number of English and American styles of rock into their own style and it really works.
Fine musicianship, good songwriting and arrangements.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes guitar based rock and roll, I loved it

Similar styles : Deep Purple, Meatloaf, Iron Maiden, Soundgarden



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