Album Review: Crimson Sun – “Towards The Light”

Artist: Crimson Sun
Album: Towards The Light
By: M.Loop


Hailing from Kotka of southern Finland, Crimson Sun play a very professional brand of symphonic metal. I find it remarkable how much sound they pack into their tunes and the vocals sit right on top perfectly. The mixing and mastering on the album are of the highest caliber.

This band is very talented top to bottom. Each excels at their instrument. The music is hard edged but very popular sounding.

Sini Seppala sings with passion, range and tremendous technique.

Guitarist Joni Junnila is very adept and accurate with tremendously complex rhythm parts and his solos are very melodic.

Keyboardist Miikka Hujanen adds the pop to the maelstrom. His tasty parts are either the calm before the storm or the storm itself.

Bassist Jukka Jauhiainen is locked it tight with Junnila’s complex guitar parts. They are one as the music requires.

Drummer Antti Rantavuo loves to double up his beats and keep a sense of tremendous motion throughout the record. A signature sound that helps make Crimson Sun heavy but accessible.

Standout tracks “The Spark” and “The Storm” are radio friendly and I expect the charts to soon feature them if they haven’t already.

One can only imagine where this band is headed. The sky’s the limit.

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