Album Review: Crawl – “The Crockford Files”

Band: Crawl
Album: The Rockford Files
By: M. Loop


Hard and edgy, filled with angst and passion, Crawl crawls under your skin.

Vocalist Michael Davis Wolf sounds like Jim Morrison with a higher range. His vocals are featured prominently in every song and he carries the load with skill and confidence.

Guitarist Stuart Green has monstrous tone, excellently propelling the maelstrom to the depths.

The rhythm section of bassist Scott Clark and drummer Tom Grondin is the engine behind the tremendous grooves that populate this powerful album.

Heavy Rain has a great swing to it, Bangladesh is very cool tune melodically and the arrangement is killer. Smother Mary is a great title and a very moody mysterious tune that builds into an explosion then returns to the mystery. Well done.

Overall a strong effort and I look forward to hearing more from this fine band.

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