Album Review: Casablanca – “Miskatonic Graffiti”

Band: Casablanca
Album: Miskatonic Graffiti
By: M. Loop


Swedish band Casablanca has recorded a concept based on the Cthuhu Mythos by H.P. Lovecraft.
The story is based on The Phantom Warrior, one of the Original human beings of the Golden Void known as The Original who believes in knowledge, enlightenment, style and rock ‘n’ roll. He returns to Earth to protect us from the evil Old Ones who want to destroy modern man and rule the world once again. The story is quite involved and I invite you to read the entire synopsis at:

The band plays very polished rock. Excellent tunes, vocals and instrumental performances carry this album to great highs.

The bludgeoning rock attack is counterbalanced by sensitive breakdown sections that let the album breathe.

I really enjoy their very mature arrangement ideas. Much thought went into telling this story.

Vocalist Anders Ljung has a great voice full of grit and fire.

The band features the triple guitar attack of Erik Almstrom , Ryan Roxie and Erik Stenemo who build a wall of sound that make the album sound huge.

The rhythm section of Josephine Forsman on drums and bassist Mats Rubarth is killer solid!

Like any concept album, you have to listen to the words carefully if you want hear what the band is trying to convey as the story is unfolding.

The music expresses the lyric content very well.

You can feel the songs in the tone, performance and composition of the instrumental backing tracks.

The song Miskatonic Graffiti has a very accessible sound and is a real highlight.

This is a terrific band and album. Highly recommended.

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