Album Review: Broomfiller – “Third Stage Propellor Index”

Band: Broomfiller
Album: Third Stage Propellor Index
By: M. Loop

broomfiller TSPI cover

For fans of Weezer, Filter and Nirvana, “Third Stage Propeller Index” by the band Broomfiller is a strong rock album for the college crowd.

Young in sound, but mature in execution, Broomfiller rocks hard and refreshingly doesn’t repeat itself.

Each song has its own vibe which keeps the album fresh for the listener, yet it all ties together as a solid band sound.

Guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Richard D. Leko has a youthfully detached angst to his voice.

He occasionally sounds like he is in emotional pain and existential confusion but interestingly sounds like he’s ok with that.
His songwriting style is to keep the songs straight forward while injecting the unexpected chord, arrangement or lyric twist to break it out of the mundane. Well done!

Guitarist, backing vocalist Andres Mansilla does a bang up job nailing the punk, power pop chords changes and creative line work required to keep the action moving forward.

Valerie Leko adds support on Keys and Synth, filling out the sound.

Terry Marsh on bass and Olaf Szesterkovich on drums nail down the bottom end, adding power and fun to every tune.

“Amputake” is a personal favorite. I love the tension in the chord changes and arrangement.

Broomfiller has a bright future. All the pieces are in place. They boast strong songs, a cool, young sound and lots of moxie.

Members :

Richard D. Leko – guitars, vocals, songwriter
Terry Marsh – bass, backing vocals
Andres Mansilla – guitars, backing vocals
Valerie Leko – Keys / Synth
Olaf Szesterkovich – drums

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