Album Review : Brad Curtis & The Some X 6 Band “Like A Sonic Gypsy”

Artist: Brad Curtis & The Some X 6 Band
Album: Like A Sonic Gypsy
By: Dude Diablo

Like A Sonic Gypsy Album Cover

Last evening. After a slim supper of low salt potato chips and ice cold beer, I moseyed (mozied – this spelling makes more sense to me so I’m claiming copyright ownership right here & now) on down to the local ATM to get a wad of bills. I mozied (ahhhhh….I feel better already) because I was tired, after subjecting myself to a long day at the office. Not that my work is physically taxing because it isn’t, its just that shooting live rounds out a downtown window at nothing can become gristle grizzly at times. You see, I test ammo for a living. Now the pay isn’t great but the benefits outweigh that, benefits like the recoil, especially when testing high caliber rounds, the sound of indifference they make, as well as, the gun powder smell. Calvin Klein can’t touch that fragrance. So all in all it’s a great gig…….except when some rookie cop decides to take it upon himself or herself to empty his or her clip in my direction. Yesterday, it was a her who decided to send a few 9’s my way and by special delivery no less, because I was shooting holes in the sky. Like that really matters. Good thing I have a sense of humor.

By the time I got to the bank I was quite relaxed but one thing struck me as being very odd. It was something I hadn’t paid much attention to before. Maybe it was being shot at by a cop that rattled my cage causing a more perceptive me. Whatever the cause I realized for the first time that the bank branch I deal with must have been designed by bank robbers. After all, what sane architect would put a ramp in front of a bank in lieu of stairs, allowing any truck driving cowboy to back into the bank, without guns blazing, then drive out full throttle, loaded with enough dough to live happily ever after, even in Manhattan. Want the address?

Be Still man…………it’s the 1st track I’m listening to on Brad Curtis and The SomeXSix Band’s latest EP ‘Like A Sonic Gypsy’. And yes the truck radio was blasting that bone crushing tune as I was slammin’ the hammer down and making my getaway with the loot. The blues these 4 guys deliver is powered by 8 thunder driving B52 engines, engines designed to lift and keep afloat an ordinance totin’ hummingbird. ‘Be Still’ weaves in and out like Roger the Bullet Dodger and with the guitar grace of “Born To Be Wild”. ‘Beware The Straw’ follows which to me defines how tight and together this band really is. The two guitar players completely compliment each other as the drums lead the vocals down a winding guitar dripping path to an unexpected duet. ‘Can You See Your Dreams’ is the 3rd song on the release & the answer is yeah….I’m driving it away, so what can be better than that? Just you wait!!!

I like to give credit where credit is due, regardless of what other writers say. And what I’m about to say will no doubt infuriate some but please remember, its just my opinion and I for one do not pretend to have a monopoly on ideas. As far as I’m concerned, the guitar work on ‘Dance Bravely’ by Ted Tosoff sounds like it is being performed by talented version of……Eric Clapton. Now before some of you come completely unglued please look at any video of Eric performing. If you watch him, the guy is very, very measured in his playing. It looks like he has stayed up most of the night just to make sure that he has each note in its correct place. I bet he hires a master carpenter to measure each note twice before he dares cut once. He’s about as anal as you can get, with proctologist coming to mind. Paging Dr. Clapton……..paging Dr. Clapton…….Eric your next colonoscopy is primed and ready. In fact, if it wasn’t for JJ Cale, Eric would be nothing more than a footnote in Jack Bruce’s biography. Ted Tosoff, on the other hand, is a killer guitar player.

I’m glad that I’m coming to the end of ‘Like A Sonic Gypsy’ because as I progress through the songs, its just getting worse and worse…………yes, worse and worse for the old bastard guitar players, like Carlos Santana as well. ‘Dodging Raindrops’ is an amazing composition, much better than ‘Black Magic Woman’ by Santana and the technical guitar work by Ted Tosoff inspiring compared to the wet dish rag guitar handshake Carlos delivers on his hit. Finally, ‘Forty Years’ nicely nails the coffin shut on the old bastard Baby Boomers and that’s all I’m gonna say.

Line up
Brad Curtis – Bass/Vocals
Ted Tosoff – Lead Guitar
Wes Hallem – Drums and
Dave Groves – Rhythm Guitar

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