Album Review: BigMotorGasoline – “Fuel To Burn”

Band: BigMotorGasoline
Album: Fuel To Burn
By: M. Loop


Any album that starts out with ”I been border line crazy” is OK in my book and “Fuel To Burn” by the band “BigMotorGasoline” is a very bad ass album! This band occupies that very fun place where country and hard rock meet. In my mind, I can see the band fan babes staring longingly at the gods on stage while the girls decide if they should line dance or mosh!

Every song is a party in your pants! Blood, sweat, cursing booze and sex! The tunes are well crafted and have hooks for days.

John Freitas is a very seasoned, top notch singer with great phrasing, tone and solid connection to the song content. He really delivers the tune.

Roger DaFoe on lead guitars is a force. He has a strong tone and always plays to the tune. A real pro!

Brandon Tapper on bass and vocals harmonizes with John very well. He and Dave Haywood on drums and security provide a very solid bed on which the tunes live and breathe. It’s always a good thing to have a member of security in the band with you on stage, just in case things go south. Those girls can get pretty crazy!

“Change Your Mind” is right out of the Kid Rock playbook, oozing mojo. “Dirty Politician” Is straight up Lenny Kravitz. Cool by me, It rocks mightily! “Lately” is representative of the band ethos, strong hook involving love gone wrong with a killer track and punch in the mouth energy. Of course there is “Vodka”. Any self-respecting party band has to have a song titled “name your favorite alcohol here”. These guys must slay live!

The album should be very marketable and I wish “BigMotorGasoline” Godspeed in getting it out there . I look forward to hearing more from this tremendous high energy band!

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