Album Review : Baleful Creed “Seismic Shifter”

Band: Baleful Creed
Album: Seismic Shifter
By: Dude Diablo

Baleful Creed - Seismic Shifter - Album Cover

There’s nothin’ better than waking up with a razor edge to take on the day. In fact, I like being hit in the face with a thunder burning steamroller to get ‘er going. Let’s face it, the last thing I’d ever do to get revved is tune into a poser ‘Have A Great Morning’ tv show. That would just creep me out if I’d had to inhale that horror show, then crawl out the door to a 20 minute lineup for a $10 frap and danish breakfast. Nope that ain’t me brother………that ain’t me. I like hearing the rippin’ thunder of heavy rock being pushed though high powered amps by doom slaying rebels who have their guts filled with grit and plenty of lead to spare while I chow down on my steak, eggs and cowboy coffee breakfast. And that’s just what I got this morning from Baleful Creed.

Balefull Creed is a 4 man band out of Belfast on that “Emerald Isle”. The crew: Fin Finlay (vocals/guitar), John Allen (guitar), Davy Greer (bass), Dave Jeffers (drums). Their music is hard hitting rock with a serious grit edge which translates into a principaled and threatening voice as their name suggests. After all, these guys lay it on the line in black & white without any studio gimicks or studio musicians to lie for them. Pity the poor bastards who climb on stage after these 4 bar wreckers leave.

After hearing Devil’s Side and Momento Mori, the first 2 songs from Seismic Shifter, I just had to do some house cleaning, which I did by tossing a chair I’ve always despised, through the window of our 30th floor apartment. Fortunately, these guys are inspiring so when the cops showed up I told them that I was truly lucky to be alive. That I’d been standing on my favorite chair dusting the curtains for my girlfriend when I was startled and fell……with such force from the startle that I simultaneously tore the curtains from the wall while pushing the chair through the glass. The chair fell on my car so no loss there or fine. Just a word to the wise.

All the while, Seismic Shifter was rattling the remaining widows which appeared, to me at least, to be infinitely more fragile than they were before the incident, particularly, when Levy and God’s Fear were shaking the panes. Both songs seem to be influenced by The Cult but they are not. I think its just Fin’s great voice because John Allen’s guitar has a touch of early Hendrix, at least on Levy. The band’s main influences are Black Sabbath, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains but obviously they have a broad taste in the music they listen to, which shows its face in their very original sound. A sound that is all ROCK!

Grind is another driver, Walking Wounded a killer blues track but Lose Religion is an anthem with a taste of Motorhead, a pinch of Pink Floyd (listen to the guitar), driving bass and very solid druming. Does Fin sound like Lemmy (soon it will be too late)? Oh yeah baby……..these boys are serious ass kickers and prove it to the very end with Forgiven and The Wolf. The only criticism I have is the band isn’t charging enough at the gate and if anything Baleful Creed is the new U2. Piss off Bono.

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