Album Review : Bad Boy Eddy “Take A Bite Outta This”

Band: Bad Boy Eddy
Album: Take A Bite Outta This
By: M. Loop

BBE cover

Andrew W.K. meets Van Halen party rock with Dio type classic hard rock vocals put the bad in Bad Boy Eddy, a terrific band from California climbing the fast lane to stardom.

“Take A Bite Outta This” is a fun album to listen to. Top notch songwriting combined with a joyful take on music really lifts this album.

“She Spits Venom” and “Rock You Wild” are big time arena filling tunes. Party rock for the masses!

“The Chosen Ones” features some crazy good guitar work from Dave Saker and Rob Peterson. A really good tune with Karl Granneman singing his heart out. Steve Jones on bass and Larry Bernal on drums are a rock solid rhythm section. They really lock down the bottom end.

“Heartbeat” and “Baby Blue” break up the onslaught with pop rock takes on old fashioned radio hits from a bygone era. “Crazy Eyes” picks up the energy but stays in the same melodic radio friendly rock format.

My favorite tune on the album “Super Sonic Freak” rocks hard, is melodically very interesting and just hits me where all great tunes hit me, in the gut!

“Take A Bite Outta This” is an album that brings me back to a time where making an album to get a rock party going was important. Bad Boy Eddy is a band that gets your party on and your mojo rising!

Karl Granneman – lead vocals
Dave Saker – guitars / bk vocals
Rob Peterson – guitars / bk vocals
Steve Jones – bass / bk vocals
Larry Bernal – drums / bk vocals

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